40 Reunion Groups in the East Texas Emmaus Community

It’s time!!  The list is here: 2011 Reunion Groups!  And you’ve been wanting to get in a group.  A group where you can share your joys, your trials, you prayer requests, your answered prayers.  We have 40 reunion groups in the East Texas Emmaus Community.  If there is not a group that meets your time schedule, you may want to begin a group.  It only takes one person who has been on a Walk to start a group.  Then as you grow, it would be such a blessing to sponsor someone in your group to be a pilgrim on a Walk.
I’m in the Koinonia Reunion Group.  My call to discipleship this week has been to pray for some very specific needs that were mentioned in our group last week.  My discipleship denied was offending someone very close to me and having to ask forgiveness.  What was your closest to Christ?  What is your plan?
The hope of the ETEC is to have everyone in a group.  And  have those who desire to work a Walk be a committed member of a reunion group.
Can you find a group on this list?  Come to mine.  I’d love to see you there.  (If you are a woman, that is!)

Mary Ann Harbuck
Walk #74
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