anxious and excited!

Your editor has asked our upcoming Lay Directors for a “Pep Talk” for you the Emmaus Community. Doran Gipson responded in the previous post. Today we feature Dick Voigtel’s remarks:

Being a retired teacher, I always felt a little anxious and excited as we prepared for a new school year.  As I prepare myself for the upcoming Emmaus Men’s Walk #91, this excitment surfaces in me once again.  The anticipation of working a Walk as Lay Director is both challenging and humbling.  The opportunity to renew friendships and share our commitment to the Emmaus program is something to prayerfully anticipate.  Every time we work a Walk, we learn another aspect of God’s purpose in our lives.  God has been so good to us in so many ways, and this is an opportunity for us to give back in some small way.

Each of us in ETEC will grow through the experiences of the Pilgrims we sponsor.  I never tire of hearing the exciting discussions of Pilgrims as they try to put into words their feelings concerning their new relationship with God.  During the closing ceremony, the New Fourth Dayers are asked “What has this Walk to Emmaus meant to me and what am I going to do about it?”  I feel that one of our great challenges is to keep the Spirit of Emmaus alive in our hearts by remaining active through pilgrim recruitment and participation in Walks.  May the Spirit of Emmaus be one of the guiding influences in our lives during our Fourth Day travels.


ps from webservant: Don’t forget the Gathering this Saturday!

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