Chrysalis Opportunity

Dear 4th Day,

We received this invitation from Cradle Chrysalis Community:

Dear ETEC,

I wanted to make you all aware of a Chrysalis opportunity happening soon.  Many of you have contact with youth that may be interested in this weekend experience but our community has been unable to make it happen.  Below is the information about a boys’ flight and girls’ flight taking place.

Our boys’ flight = July 7-10 at Camp Mohawk in Alvin, TX – cost =$150, scholarships are available
Camp Mohawk is a Brazoria county park on Hwy 35 just south of Alvin.                                                                                  

Our girls flight = July 14-17 at J Bar J Ranch in Sealy, TX – cost =$150, scholarships are available.
JBarJ Ranch is off I-10 west of Katy just before you get into Sealy.

If you have any interested youth who would like to attend this summer, our deadline for accepting applications (IN OUR Registar’s HANDS) is June 28th for the Boy’s flight and July 5 for the Girl’s flight.

You can access our forms/addresses, etc. at

I appreciate your efforts in helping us and supporting these important weekends,

Fly with Christ,

Lisa Owsley

Debbie Anderson, ETEC #42
Community Lay Director

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