February Walks Are Almost Here — Men’s Prayer Vigil Now Posted!

If you’re like me you can’t believe that the first month of 2010 has already passed. It’s time to get serious about our first two walks of the year; pray for the teams; get that pilgrim application in; and sign up for the “Prayer Clocks”. The 72-hour Prayer Vigil sign up sheet for the Men’s Walk #93 is now ready for you. Please click the link and select an hour when you will go to the Lord in behalf of the pilgrims and team. Your walk was bathed in prayer by people you may not have even known . . . now is your opportunity to return that blessing.

Be sure to check back heere in a few days when we will provide a link to the Women’s Walk #94 Prayer Vigil. Also, remember that we will provide a list of the pilgrims and team early in the week of the walk.



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