Final Letter to the Community


Due to a change in my work schedule, I will not be attending the Gathering Saturday.  I will miss all of the fellowship and the interaction with friends.  Please attend the Gathering and bring a friend from your neighborhood, your family, and your place of employment.  Also – bring your favorite dish or dessert to share with everyone.  Meeting place: First Christian Church, Lufkin   Sponsorship Training:  4pm        Dinner: 5pm

As the Walks get closer, we find ourselves in an all too familiar situation of walks scheduled and very few pilgrims committed to attend.  The teams are spending countless hours in training and preparation for these journeys in hopes that they will have the participants needed.  This is where our 4th day efforts are needed to make Emmaus a success.  This is why I continue to emphasize the importance of the community being 4th day driven.

Let’s all go ahead and ask that person that you know is ready for the journey and get them signed up.  Please do NOT register people who are not ready just to meet the numbers required.  That is a gallant effort but it is self defeating and does not provide the 4th day individuals needed to build our community.

My recommendation is to pray and let God give you the direction needed.

This will be my final letter to the Community at large, as my time serving you draws to a close.  Please support our new Community Lay Director with all of your energy, prayers, and participation.  It has been an honor to serve in this position and I hope that we have made progress in building a stronger community.  This Board has gone the extra mile to get us organized, proficient, and in a position to sponsor walks in a professional and successful manner.  Support your new Board and committee chairmen to the best of your ability.  Bless you all and continue your efforts to make Christ number one in our lives.


Bill Wilson ETE #81
—Community Lay Director—


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