Floyd Wall’s Testimony

My name is Floyd Wall, I went on Emmaus walk # 87. I was a new Christian in our Lord Jesus, the walk gave me the teaching I needed to grow stronger in The Lord’s Word. It was a mountain top experience, one that took me to new ways of looking at life, God then called me into youth ministry. I am a member of Faith Family Church in Diboll, where my wife and I are youth teachers. On Jan. 30th I was ordained youth pastor, and we are also involved in a youth prison ministry in Crockett, where we go in two times a year and carry Jesus to these young men, and go every 3rd Saturday of the month to visit them for 4 hours and share the Bible even more. God is so good, and He is calling us all to be ministers of His word, I’m honored that He would choose me as a teacher of His word. I thank the Emmaus group for the experience they gave me, and I thank The Lord for His call.

Love in Christ, your brother,

Floyd Wall ETE #87

Editor’s note — If you’d like to know more about the youth prison ministry (Epiphany) Floyd is referring to, he would be happy to tell you about it. His address is: pinkfloyd03(at)gmail.com
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