Gathering Reminder

De Colores:

I am so excited about the upcoming Walks in February.  Can’t wait to see the blessings of God on those 2 weekends!!  These are the only Walks in 2012 so let’s have full Walks.
Are you sponsoring someone?

But before that, we get to visit at the Emmaus Gathering, FUMC, in Diboll.  It’s Saturday, January 21st.   Yes, that’s only 10 days from now.
It begins at 5 pm with dinner.  Sponsorship Training will be at 4 pm.

Will you be there?  I will be.  Come on and share this time of fellowship.

And be in prayer for the pilgrims and teams of Walk 99 and 100.  Feb. 16-19 and Feb. 23-26.

See you next Saturday, the 21st.
Mary Ann Harbuck
Walk #74

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