Good late evening friends;

As the pieces come together for the upcoming walks, you might as well get ready for “the other side” to begin his activities to prevent these walks from taking place.  There will be the missed phone calls, lost emails, missing voice mails, illnesses, faulty vehicles, short tempers due to fatigue, work schedules that appear out of nowhere.  You know what I mean.  Things that should be easy to do suddenly get complicated.  People you rely on suddenly can’t remember your phone number.  Simple projects get complicated and of course there are the unexpected guests and the run away dogs.

The things you take in stride suddenly become hurdles; he really likes to see us caught up in all of the obstacles he can think of.  There will be the usual scheduling snafus, somebody will have their feelings hurt and a whole variety of reasons why the walks cannot be held.

BUT!! No matter how hard he tries, he ain’t got what it takes to stop the Guy Upstairs.  The walks go on, lives are changed and more leaders are made.

So, don’t get discouraged, don’t be concerned, we are just along for the ride.  Follow your hearts, keep up the prayers, and forge ahead.

Support the Lay Directors and prayerfully consider saying yes to the call.  This is where our 4th day efforts will pay off.  Step up – step out – pay it forward and give it your best shot.  Ask a friend to help you when needed.  Go the extra mile & do it even when you are too tired to say yes.

There are more rainbows on the horizon and you would not want to miss them.  Remember – The Walk – Candlelight – Closing – 4th Day.  You need to participate in them all.  Don’t be a part time 4th dayer.  Play the whole game and stay for the refreshments.

Don’t forget your administrative commitments if you have them, there is some important business coming up.

Reunion Groups – Reunion Groups – Reunion Groups, and did I mention Reunion Groups, in closing remember Reunion Groups.  Attend one, start one, just be part of one.

Don’t forget the next ETEC Gathering is scheduled for Saturday, October 23rd at “Shebbyville” FUMC   (where is that place anyway?)  Better have your GPS or Onstar ready for the test.  Sponsorship training will be held at 4pm followed by potluck dinner and festivities beginning at 5pm.  I believe Melissa Chumley is singing her EMMAUS Folk song – “How great is the pie” to go with her pie.  Bring your favorite dish.   Ask your church friends and Sunday school partners to come and enjoy a great evening with Christian friends.  Invite everybody including the baby sitter.   We have a nursery if you do.

Mark your calendar now for these upcoming Emmaus Events:

October 23, 2010 — Gathering — * 5:00 p.m. — Shelbyville FUMC – that is pronounced  “Shebbyville”

November 13, 2010 — Gathering –*5:00p.m. Corrigan FUMC – This place is much easier to find

December 11, 2010 — Livingston FUMC Gathering —  *5:00pm — All are invited – we provide the food

**Bring an unwrapped gift for under the tree for Helping Hands or SAAFE House

*  Sponsorship Training will be at 4:00pm before each Gathering

Emmaus Walk Dates:

February 17-20, 2011 — Men’s Walk #97 — Lay Director — Mark Gipson

February 24-27, 2011 — Women’s Walk #98 — Lay Director — Kathy Moody

Have a question about Emmaus?  Want to know more?  Eliminate the mystery of this amazing Christian experience by joining us to see what the Walk to Emmaus is all about.


Bill Wilson ETE #81
—Community Lay Director—
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