How Long Has It Been?

How long’s it been since you’ve had a steaming bowl of wolf brand chili?  Well, pardner, that’s too long!

How long’s it been since you’ve attended an ETEC Gathering?  Well, pardner, that’s too long too!

You may think we are having too many Gatherings.  But can you really have too many?  Since we are not having an October Walk, we want to replace that enthusiasm with having Gatherings in September, October, and November.  And we are trying to reach as many of you as we can.

So in only 2 1/2 weeks, we have a Gathering scheduled at FUMC in Jasper.  September the 18th at 5 pm with Sponsorship Training at 4 pm.

We want to have full Walks in February with waiting lists, so if you have not had the training, please join us for it.

You might think Jasper is a long way; it’s really not–not when you are going to eat and see Emmaus friends.

Are you thinking, “I’m not really missing anything.”? Well, at the last Gathering, we visited with the Lord and it was sweet!  And we missed you.

Please come, who knows, we might even have some chili.

  • The October 23 Gathering is scheduled for Shelbyville.
  • The November 13 Gathering is TBA.
  • The February Walks will be at Pineywoods.  And we will go back to our regular schedule for the Gatherings in 2011.

So come, eat, sing, and visit with the Lord as you visit with friends.

Mary Ann Harbuck — ETE#73

Community Secretary

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