I Miss You All!

Can we get together?  There are others who miss you, too.
Tell you what:  this Saturday is a good day for me.  How ’bout you?

Saturday, September 17, 2011
FUMC, Onalaska (near Livingston)

Dinner 5 pm, bring a dish  (I hope you know what I like!)
6 pm is singing, sharing, and communion.
Childcare is provided.

Directions:  From any direction, find yourself in Livingston and go West on 190.  Go 13.9 miles until you get to Onalaska.  Turn left on FM 356.  Go until it dead ends, FUMC is on the right.  If you go further, you may end up in the lake!!

The Men’s Walk is October 6-9; and the Women’s Walk is October 13-16.
Sponsorship training will be at 4 pm. this Saturday.
It’s not too late to turn in the application of the one you feel God is leading you to sponsor.

So, will you come?  Will you visit with me?  Will you visit with the others?
Yippee, hooray, I can’t wait!

Your friend,

Mary Ann Harbuck
ETE #74
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