Important ETEC Board Announcement!


Dear East Texas Emmaus Community

Please be advised that Bill Wilson has reconsidered his resignation from the ETE board and will continue to serve as our Community Lay Director.  He regrets any confusion that may have caused.

Please be in prayer for our Board and the future Board members God will send.  We need all 4th day to recognize the role the Board plays in the life of ETEC and understand that without a Board, we will not have a community.  We currently have several vacancies and are in need of “a few good men or womento serve.

A complete Board consists of 17 people –  2 men and 2 women and 1 clergy person each year which is called a class.  The commitment is for 3 years.  In addition, 2 spots are reserved for a community spiritual director and an ex-officio position which is where the Community Lay director stays on an extra year to help with transition issues.

We currently have 11 people serving.  Working shorthanded is not right, nor fair to those who have volunteered to serve.  So, not only do we have current vacancies but we have 5 spots that will come open starting in 2011 that need to be filled.  Please consider this your first request to serve.  Don’t wait; call a current Board member to get more information.

A 4th day speaker last month in Livingston said, “close your eyes and remember how you felt Saturday night”.  That brings a smile to many faces and I hope it includes you.  But without a Board, that candlelight service cannot happen.  You may not think you have time to serve on the Board ….but remember Saturday night.  You may think, I’ve already served on the board….but remember Saturday night.  You may say, surely someone else will step up, but what if they don’t…..remember Saturday night.  An Emmaus weekend is not just about Saturday night but about bringing people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  That doesn’t just happen, it requires a lot of work.

Your help is needed.

Serving on the Board is challenging and we all enjoy a good challenge.  The Board has grown through their challenges over the last few months and will continue to lead the community with their best interest at heart.

Please consider joining us.

Bill Wilson — Community Lay Director

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