It’s Up to You

Well, looks like we can’t count on Joe. That’s right . . . less that two weeks away from the board’s drop dead date and we receive this message from the Community Registrar:

Update on pilgrim application count for the February walks:

Women – 8
Men – 4

The board has made the commitment that if we don’t have at least 15 on a walk,
it will be cancelled and that needs to be done no later than 2 weeks before the walk date. If you have any completed pilgrim applications, please send them in asap so we can have an accurate count on which to base this decision. Thanks!

Melissa Chumley
ETEC Registrar

So, if we’re going to have walks this Spring it’s up to you. Yes, you!

May I ask you to do one simple thing? Click “Applications” at the top of this page, download a walk application, pray over it . . . and see what happens. Yes, you’re right, that is more than one thing.

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