Like Any Other Weekend . . .

Dear 4th Day,

The weekend was, I thought, like any other weekend, until my wife arrived home from the Emmaus Walk.  I knew, when she got out of the car and said “you are going on the next walk” that there was no argument.  “What is the ‘walk’?” I asked.   “You will see” was the response  — to every question.

As you can guess, I attended the next walk …and  you need to sponsor someone to go on this walk.  I never knew how much better my life could be if I allowed Him in it.  My daily routine, my family, my marriage, my dedication to His works through my church.  I never anticipated such peace.  Until I went on the Emmaus Walk and His love was revealed to me.

Is there anyone you know that couldn’t benefit from a walk?  If we do not have 18 men signed up by Friday — and that means application in hands of the registrar — it is very likely the Board will have to cancel Walk #99 – for not only financial reasons, but 18 is the number of pilgrims that has been found to be the minimum number for the walk to be a success — on average.

If you are holding onto an application, or your spouse, or friend, or fellow church member is waiting to be asked — ask and get the application in by Friday, Sept 30th.


Sid Abernathy
LD Walk #99

Could be the Best Walk Ever.

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