Livingston Reunion Groups Newsletter

(The Livingston folks wanted to share their reunion group newsletter)


Let’s all get together Saturday for our reunion meetings as usual – I mean you need to show up this time.  There are some members that are troubled and some who want to share their week with God with you.

There will be some discussion in planning for our upcoming Gathering.  I will try to get some current information from Kelly Rood on when we go into passing gear with church visits, phone calls, distribution of literature, etc.

There are a lot of opportunities to participate if you have time.  Oh ! I know ! – let’s make time !!

Want a peak at the Cho-yeh facility where the summer walks will be? – see the information below.  I will be there most of the day and will be passing out information on Emmaus and have applications with me.  Make the church service and say hello to one of the finest young Christian men you will ever want to meet.  Just ask for Cory ( PS – he is also a 4th dayer).  Like girls better? – ask for Jenn – she is equally filled with the Spirit.

This Sunday, April 11 is the open house at ChoYeh.  It should be a great way to become familiar with the camp and enjoy fellowship, worship, and music with others in the community.

From our friends at Camp ChoYeh:   “Family Fun Day is only a few days away and we are really excited that your family is coming!
Here are a few details you should know.
Gates open at 10:30 & our worship service will start at 11:00am.
We are excited to have Robbie Seay Band leading worship and performing a concert throughout the afternoon!
Free lunch will be served starting at noon and activities will be open all afternoon.
BE SURE TO BRING THE FOLLOWING:   – Sunscreen  – Sneakers (closed toed shoes are required for almost all activities)-
Swimsuit and Towel
For directions to Cho-Yeh, please click here:

A  large number of 4th day are signing up to work the summer walks.  If you have signed up in the past, send me an email again to confirm your interest.
Don’t forget your Pilgrim from the last walk.  Follow up and keep in touch.  If your pilgrim is not yet in a reunion group, your job is not finished.  Help them find or start a group to be in – remember it is reunion participation that keeps the fire burning.  I am also looking for some sponsors for the men’s and women’s walk.  It’s time to step up and pay it forward.  Remember also that reunion groups are the first choice when selecting workers for the walks.

Remember how important prayer is and don’t forget to do something for someone even if they don’t ask.  Pay it forward and reap the rewards.  God loves you.

We just updated the FUMC website but incase you do not visit there often, you should by the way, the latest information is below.  ( then click on the Emmaus dove.)
When you have a concern, don’t forget to post on the Prayer Corner, so your Emmaus brothers and sisters can cover you in prayer.  If you need to talk, or help with something, call on your reunion group.  They are the best place to start. Have you prayed today? – You better, before something good, or bad happens !

These are spirit filled weekends which will change your life.
Men’s Walk #95    July 15 – 18, 2010
Women’s Walk #96    July 22 – 25, 2010
Camp ChoYeh  ~~  Livingston, TX.
Men’s Walk # 97    October 7 – 10, 2010
Women’s Walk  #98    October 14 – 17, 2010
Location to be announced.
Contact the parties listed below for information and applications.
Bill/Suanne Wilson
Cell #  Bill 281-797-0039  Suanne 281-682-3013
Summer Chrysalis Flights have been scheduled for:
Girls:  August 12 – 15, 2010
Boys:  August 19 – 22, 2010
Camp ChoYeh
Livingston, Texas
For further information and flight applications, contact Mickey Fothergill
Cell:  936-239-0961   Home:  936-646-7351
FUMC Livingston will host our next Emmaus Gathering on Saturday, May 8th at 5pm.   We are inviting all area church pastors, youth directors, and congregation.  Please join us for a wonderful evening of worship, food and fellowship.  A 4th Day speaker and a representative of KAIROS, the Emmaus Prison Ministry, will share their experiences and testimonies.  The evening will culminate in the distribution of Communion as we share our table with fellow Christians.
Have a question about Emmaus?  Want to know more?  Eliminate the mystery of this amazing Christian experience by joining us to see what the Walk to Emmaus is all about.
If you would like more information please contact Bill or Suanne Wilson at
or call  Suanne  at 281-682-3013 or Bill  at 281-797-0039.
Village People (Men):  Saturday @ 8:30am
Morning Glories (Ladies):  Saturday @ 8:30am
Early Birds (Ladies):  Saturday @ 8:30am
Joy in the Morning (Ladies):  Monday @ noon
Whispering Angels (Ladies): Tuesday @ 11:00am
GLYASDI (Coed):  Tuesday @ 4:30pm
The Terrace Dwellers:  Tuesday @ 8:30pm
In addition, all are welcome to join us for coffee and something to munch on
every Saturday at 8:30am in the Fellowship Hall.

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