Men’s Walk #95 . . . BWE!

Pilgrim List

Walk 95 started the same as all walks the pilgrims were a little apprehensive and wondering what did I get into. Friday around noon they started to come together and the Holy Spirit took over, you could see it in the singing first after that it was all uphill, it never peaked.

Jimmy Phillips did a great job as Lay Director, the Board Representative did an outstanding job of being a silent observer, I lost my voice Friday morning trying to correct the candles, The Spiritual Director (Your Most Holiness Paul Whitlatch) (stay thirsty my friend) did an awesome talk leading the pilgrims closer to GOD, the team and the pilgrims were blessed to have him, and the rest of the team did a great job.

I watched the pilgrims step outside their comfort zone during the skits and at closing.

The weekend went at an awesome pace we just got there and then its time to leave.

The schedule was easier to maintain, because we did not have a long walk to the Chapel.

Saturday, the tables went to pray, one group was in the woods praying and a huge tree just fell over as they were praying. When they got back there was a double rainbow in the sky and we broke into the song DECOLORES, Awesome experience.

There were a lot of fourth day members at candlelight and as usual the pilgrims had the deer in the headlight look, and then the tears started, we have an awesome GOD working through the East Texas Emmaus Community, lets keep it going. We still need to reach out to other Churches and get them more involved.

As usual Walk 95 was the best walk ever.

The Quiet Board Rep.

Wayne Treadway

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