Men’s Walk Starts Tomorrow

The walks are upon us.  Men begin tomorrow evening.  Their Candlelight is Saturday the 17th at 8pm and Closing at 4pm Sunday.  Please continue to bless all involved with your prayers.  The most current list of pilgrims I see follows:

Men’s Walk this week 7/15-18:

Bryan  Irvin
James Kooiman
Curtis Roberts
Fred Simpson
Bob Campbell
Craig Knoelle
Brian Neal
Donnie McNabb
Bill Teague
Tony Dale
Troy Binford
John Harris
Daniel Rigsby
Kenny  Walters
Mike Roland

We are looking for a wonderful turnout and full participation by our 4th Day Community.  If you have gotten out of the habit of attending, please make the effort this weekend.  Be a part of the vision and beauty of our God as He works in the lives of all.  This is a new facility to 4th Day but the only one familiar to most of the pilgrims.
Here is a link with directions to Camp Cho-Yeh.  If you cannot open the attachment please let me know.   See you all there and then again next week when the Women walk with the Lord on their special time.

Love & Good Thoughts,
Suanne Wilson
ETEW #78

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