Now Here’s One Heck of a Deal!

Community Lay Director Debbie Anderson relays this message from the manager at Piney Woods Conservation Center:

I bought a lightweight and fold up type pool table to replace the old heavy pool table in the chapel!!!  I know that there are some men in Emmaus that are going to be excited.  If there is anyone that wants the old pool table (communion table), it is available.  We are going to give it away.  During the upcoming walks would be a good time to take it because there will be several of us here that might want to assist with getting it out of the chapel and loaded on a trailer, etc…..  If anyone is interested, let me know.  Although the table is good and has much life in it, I am unable to move it out of the chapel by myself.  If no one wants it, I most likely will have to bust it up and burn it.  Maybe one of the church youth departments will have an interest in it????


David C. Treadaway, Director
Stephen F. Austin State University
Piney Woods Conservation Center
336 County Road 473
Broaddus, Tx 75929
409-584-2412 – office
409-584-3275 – fax

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