Up-coming Gathering in July

Happy 4th to all!

The July 16th Gathering is at Diboll FUMC at 5:00PM. For those of you that have ask, the Sponsorship training starts at 4:00PM. The theme is INDEPENDENCE God Bless the USA. Thanks to Jesus and God’s Grace we share an independence from sin and death. We celebrate our national and Christian independence. Pot luck at Diboll promises a surprise celebration.

In September there will not be a Gathering. We, the Board of Directors, would like to suggest you take September 17th, Agape Workshop at your choice of location, to finish agape for the walks and make arrangements to get your agape gifts delivered for the walks before the men’s walk September 22nd.

The nominating committee is actively asking folks to serve on the Board of Directors to begin the term from Jan. 1, 2017 until December 31, 2020. If you are not ask, and would like to serve, during the month of August you can get a recommendation from your reunion group with ten signatures to request your name be put on the ballot.


Patsy Goins
936-646-5615 cell
ETEC Community Lay Director

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Directions to June Gathering

Sharron Mills has provided directions to the McMahan Chapel in San Augustine:

So looking forward to the June 18th Gathering at McMahan Chapel. Let me give you some direction on how to get to the Chapel and the picnic area across the road. If your GPS is current, you can get to Spur 35 by putting in 100 McMahan Chapel Rd, San Augustine, Tx. From there you will see signs indicating that it’s 2 miles down Spur 35. Okay, for those of you that do not have GPS. From Lufkin….take Hwy 103 East. Maybe 30-35 minutes into your drive you will cross over Hwy 96. Continue 4 miles and turn LEFT onto Rosevine Road. Stay on that road (FM 1 North) until it dead ends into Hwy 21. Turn RIGHT and go 2 miles to Spur 35. 2 more miles down the road you run into the Chapel.
Now from Nacogdoches…take Hwy 21 EAST for 30 minutes from the Loop to the intersection in San Augustine. Staying on Hwy 21 continue approximately 10 miles to Spur 35. Turn RIGHT.
Jasper, Livingston, Alto, Pineland, Mt. Enterprise, Wells and all the other areas, I feel sure you know how to get to Lufkin and Nacogdoches. The Board of Directors will meet at 3:00PM, sponsorship training at 4:00PM and Gathering at 5:00PM.
Emmaus folk from McMahan Chapel will cook hamburgers, hot dogs, provide buns and drinks. We ask that you bring chips, sides, etc. It will truly be a picnic so bring your lawn chairs. We have picnic tables. If it should rain, we will picnic inside the Event Center. Please come. There is life EAST of Lufkin and Nacogdoches. Come see.

De Colores,


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June Gathering coming up. Make your plans.

Mark your calendars now for June 18th.

The June Gathering will be held June 18th at McMahan Chapel Park and the theme is Picnic. In the event of inclement weather they will move it into the indoor center. They have planned to cook hot dogs and hamburgers and provide the buns.  They are asking us to bring sides, desserts, chips, etc.

The Board of Directors will meet at 3:00PM, sponsor training at 4:00PM and Gathering at 5:00PM.  Is the Lord leading you to sponsor someone on a Walk?  To be a sponsor you have to go to Sponsorship training.

Here are the dates for the Gathering so you can go ahead and mark your calendars for the remainder of the year:  July 16th – Diboll FUMC, August 20th -Livingston FUMC September 17th TBA, October 8th TBA, November 5th TBA, December 3rd-Livingston FUMC -January 21 2017 TBA

Looking forward to seeing you at the picnic!

Patsy Goins

ETEC Community Lay Director


936-328-2680 cell

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New Community Calendar

We now have a functional community calendar under the heading “Community Calendar”.

Here you will find upcoming events, gatherings, walks and flights.  If you have something relevant to the East Texas Emmaus Community please let me know and I’ll add it.

I can be reached at gene@winchesteramps.com

De Colores

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Dates for upcoming walks

The dates for men’s walk #110 are Sept 22- Sept 25 and the walk will be held at Waters Edge.  Doug Ashburn will  be the lay director.

The dates for the women’s walk #111 are February 16-19 2017 and the walk will be held at Waters Edge.  Deneice Marshall will be the lay director.

Waters Edge is located East of Crockett, TX

and the address is 7900 Farm to Market 1733, Crockett, TX 75835

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Plan for upcoming March Gathering

4th Day,

The next Gathering will be March 12th at Falvey Memorial Methodist Church in Wells, TX. This is a potluck/covered dish event. The theme for the March Gathering will be First Walks (1-20)

There will be sponsorship training at 4:00 and the Gathering will start at 5:00.


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January Gathering

Dear Community:

Our next gathering will be held January 23, 2016 at Lufkin’s First United Methodist Church.  It will be a covered dish dinner, so bring that new recipe that you have been wanting to try, or one of your old favorites to enjoy.  Sponsorship training will be at 4PM followed by the gathering at 5PM.  We will share a meal, fellowship and music,  followed by a 4th day speaker and worship service.  Hope to see you there!

Our new members of the East Texas Emmaus Board will be inducted at a board meeting on January 23, 2016 at 2PM.  Please welcome our new members who are:
Cathy Fothergill – Livingston
Colleen Abernathy – Nacogdoches
Mike Waters – Diboll
Gene Winchester – Lufkin
Dr. Robert Carroll – Nacogdoches, who will serve the unexpired term of Bill Teague

Please be in prayer for our entire Board as they start this new year.  There are already challenges ahead of them, but by trusting in the Lord He will see them through the difficult times.

Due to poor participation  and lack of caterpillar applications for the Boy’s Chrysalis flight scheduled for January 15 – 18, 2016, we have been forced to postpone Chrysalis Flight # 21 until late spring or early summer.  The new dates for this flight will be announced both on Facebook and the website.   The Girl’s Flight also has a scheduling issue since the original dates were March 17 – 20, 2016 which is Palm Sunday.  This situation is making it difficult to find clergy who can participate. The flight can not happen without clergy, so it has to be postponed as well.  Please be in prayer that both of these flights can find suitable weekends and be put on the schedule.

In His Grip,
Janice Cummings
Community Lay Director

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Women’s Walk 109 This Week

Our East Texas Emmaus Community’s Women’s Walk 109 is upon us at Camp Ta-Ku-La, just east of Chester. Your prayers for the Pilgrims and Team are encouraged as always. Candlelight will be Saturday at 8:00p with closing at 4:00p, Sunday. Remember the Community could use a few extra hands Sunday to help take down our gear and load the trailer.

You will have the opportunity to meet these new Pilgrims from walks 108 and 109 on Saturday, November 7th, 5:00p, at the Gathering which will be held at First Christian Church, Lufkin. Bring a covered dish and enjoy the fellowship, singing, 4th Day talk, and Holy Communion. There will also be “Sponsor Training” at 4:00 for those of you who have not yet taken it.

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Election For 2016 Board Members

East Texas Emmaus Community Election
For 2016 Board Members

How to vote:

1. Select the whole ballot from this page
2. Copy
3. Paste the ballot on your new email page
4. Mark your choices as instructed
5. Email your ballot to Emmaus@consolidated.net by November 20th


Ballot For 2016 Board Members

Women (mark two with X)

[   ] Cathy Fothergill  – Livingston

[   ] Mary Carol Grimes – Lufkin

[   ] Gaylyn Zamazal – Liberty

[   ] Krystal Burleson – Lufkin

[   ] Cheryl Cloudy – Jasper

[   ] Jenny Hinson – Nacogdoches

[   ] Colleen Abernathy – Nacogdoches

Men (mark two with X)

[   ] Mike Waters – Diboll

[   ] Dr. Bob Carroll – Nacogdoches

[   ] Steve Chism – Nacogdoches

[   ] Dr. Bill Kistler – Lufkin

[   ] Dr. Jim Buckingham – Nacogdoches

[   ] Justin McAnich – Nacogdoches

[   ] Gene Winchester – Lufkin

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ETEC Men’s Walk This Week! Updated! (3) More Pilgrims

Our East Texas Emmaus Community’s Men’s Walk #108 begins this Thursday. Here is the list of Pilgrims and Team members. Be sure you have signed up to take your turn on the “Prayer Clock”, (see link above). There still are vacant times that need to be covered.

Remember this walk is at beautiful Camp Ta-Ku-La, just 45 minutes from Lufkin. So you won’t want to miss Candlelight this Saturday at 8:00p.

And, yes the Women’s Walk 109 will be at the same location next week.

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