Progress Ongoing For February Walks


The Lay Directors have approved lists and have begun making their commitment calls for the February Walks.  Prayer will give you the correct answer and direction when the call is received.  You will be asked to evaluate your priorities, make some sacrifices, spend some money, and make a difference in some lives, or not.  Your Choice.

For those of you that have worked a walk, you will remember all of the long hours, the weekend trainings, the exhaustion when it is over – Oh Yes, don’t forget the tears of joy, the smiles of gratitude, the closeness of Christ.  Not a bad trade even if only one participant comes to Christ in a new way of life.

Once the Head positions are filled, the balance of the teams will be firmed up.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to serve if you can.

On the closer to home front, I am anxious to see a list of the reunion groups.  I understand there have been several new groups formed since the summer walks.

Remember they are the strength of our organization.  EVERYONE – get into, or start a reunion group.  You will hear the question asked more frequently, it can be a prelude to an opportunity.

Don’t forget the next ETEC Gathering is scheduled for Saturday, October 23rd at “Shebbyville” FUMC.  Sponsorship training will be held at 4pm followed by potluck dinner and festivities beginning at 5pm. Bring your favorite dish. Ask your church friends and Sunday school partners to come and enjoy a great evening with Christian friends.  Invite everybody but the baby sitter.

Mark your calendar now for these upcoming Emmaus Events:

October 23, 2010 — Gathering — * 5:00 p.m. — Shelbyville FUMC – that is pronounced  “Shebbyville”

November 13, 2010 — Gathering –*5:00p.m. Corrigan FUMC

December 11, 2010 — Livingston FUMC Gathering —  *5:00pm

— All are invited – we provide the food

**Bring an unwrapped gift for under the tree for Helping Hands or SAAFE House

Sponsorship Training will be at 4:00pm before each Gathering

Emmaus Walk Dates:

February 17-20, 2011 — Men‚s Walk #97 — Lay Director — Mark Gipson

February 24-27, 2011 — Women‚s Walk #98 — Lay Director — Kathy Moody

Have a question about Emmaus?  Want to know more?  Eliminate the mystery of this amazing Christian experience by joining us to see what the Walk to Emmaus is all about.


Bill Wilson aka MBB

ETE #81
—Community Lay Director—
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