Together Again

Dear Emmaus friends,

How would you like to feel October 23 at 5 pm?  Read the words of this song.

“We’re together again just praising the Lord.

We’re together again in one accord.

Something good is going to happen.

Something good is in store.

We’re together again just praising the Lord.”

Wouldn’t that be wonderful and exciting?  Can you see yourself giving some hugs and getting some hugs?

Come and join us for the October Gathering.

Where:  Shelbyville UMC

When:   October 23

4 pm–Sponsorship Training

5 pm–Supper, bring something yummy

6 pm–Singing, 4th day testimony, sharing the Lord’s Supper

And don’t forget the Nov. 13 Gathering in Corrigan.

Hope to see every single one of your smiling faces in Shelbyville!!

Mary Ann Harbuck ETE #74
ETE Community Secretary
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