Too Tired to Think Straight


Last week I had a case of the ” Too tired to think straights”.  Tonight I thought we could do an overview of where we are.

What is new with the Community?

1. New Emmaus trailer to move and store our walk equipment

2. New kneelers for chapel – we used the old one as a bench and left it somewhat lacking in servicability

3. New CD with Emmaus information to replace the old 8 mm projection tape

4. New library of Emmaus written information , hand-outs, forms, etc.  Well organized and cataloged & maintained by our Quartermaster

5. New library of Board Meeting Minutes, By laws, Rules and changes – maintained by our Secretary

6. Soon to have a full Board of Directors and scheduling an election this year – have not had one in a while.

We are making progress in updating our data base.  Tools and procedures are being developed and implemented to improve the quality of our information.

Board reps are forming active committees to accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

The glass is officially full.

Things coming up – look for more information soon:

•   Organizing a trailer day to review inventory – restock, and replace any missing tags or signs

•   Think about attending the Livingston Gathering in December – it is an effort to support the Empty Stocking Program – food is furnished & you can bring unwrapped gifts for needy families with kids

•   More ETEC Gatherings – support the 4th day effort.

•   More reunion groups are being formed – don’t forget to let Melissa Smith know about the new ones with related information.

•   Livingston is organizing a fund raiser this winter to replace funds in our general fund.  John Fothergill is putting together a basketball tournament and tossing around some other ideas.

•   More “Hoots” for the youth let your youth groups know when they are announced and attend and support them.

Expecting a call from one of the Lay Directors for the upcoming walks?  Lets get a committed team early with some stand-by folks so we can smooth out the training, not be rushed, have everything well organized, and fill them to the max.

EVERYONE – get into, or start a reunion group – that is the strength of our organization.  Take the lead – don’t wait for someone to ask – do it yourself.

The next ETEC Gathering is scheduled for Saturday, October 23rd at “Shebbyville”  FUMC.  Sponsorship training will be held at 4pm followed by dinner and festivities beginning at 5pm.  Bring your favorite dish and several of your friends and neighbors and enjoy a great evening with Christian friends.  Invite your Sunday school class to come along.  Invite your friends from work.

Mark your calendar now for these upcoming Emmaus Events:

October 23, 2010 — Gathering — * 5:00 p.m. — Shelbyville FUMC – that is pronounced  “Shebbyville”

November 13, 2010 — Gathering –*5:00p.m. Corrigan FUMC

December 11, 2010 — Livingston FUMC Gathering —  *5:00pm — All are invited – we provide the food

**Bring an unwrapped gift for under the tree for Helping Hands or SAAFE House

*  Sponsorship Training will be at 4:00pm before each Gathering

Emmaus Walk Dates:

February 17-20, 2011 — Men’s Walk #97 — Lay Director — Mark Gipson

February 24-27, 2011 — Women’s Walk #98 — Lay Director — Kathy Moody

Have a question about Emmaus?  Want to know more?  Eliminate the mystery of this amazing Christian experience by joining us to see what the Walk to Emmaus is all about.

Bill Wilson — ETE #81
Community Lay Director
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