Up-coming Gathering in July

Happy 4th to all!

The July 16th Gathering is at Diboll FUMC at 5:00PM. For those of you that have ask, the Sponsorship training starts at 4:00PM. The theme is INDEPENDENCE God Bless the USA. Thanks to Jesus and God’s Grace we share an independence from sin and death. We celebrate our national and Christian independence. Pot luck at Diboll promises a surprise celebration.

In September there will not be a Gathering. We, the Board of Directors, would like to suggest you take September 17th, Agape Workshop at your choice of location, to finish agape for the walks and make arrangements to get your agape gifts delivered for the walks before the men’s walk September 22nd.

The nominating committee is actively asking folks to serve on the Board of Directors to begin the term from Jan. 1, 2017 until December 31, 2020. If you are not ask, and would like to serve, during the month of August you can get a recommendation from your reunion group with ten signatures to request your name be put on the ballot.


Patsy Goins
936-646-5615 cell
ETEC Community Lay Director

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