Upcoming gathering October 14th.

4th day,

October 14th!!! Gathering at Brother’s Keepers Church. We are so excited to gather at a new place. We have several 4th day that attend services here. It’s a Pot Luck, so bring something you’re proud of. One slight drawback is that they do not have a kitchen, so bring your big spoon or fork for the dish that you want to share with all of us. Don’t sweat the details of how it will all work out. Remember that our new camp doesn’t even have a bathroom down at the dining hall. And we manage that!!!!!
To get to BKC….from the loop in Lufkin at Hwy 69 (Denman Ave) travel 4 miles away from Lufkin and turn right onto FM 326. Travel 3/4 mile and turn left onto Homer Cemetery Road. It’s right down there on the right. 280 Homer Cemetery Road, Lufkin for those that use GPS.

De Colores.

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