Walks 99 & 100 Postponed Till February

Because the number of applications received so far has been too few to make either of these walks the meaningful experience the pilgrims and the teams deserve, walks 99 & 100 have been rescheduled for February 16-19 and 23-26 respectively. Your board is committed to doing the things we do for the Kingdom of God with our best efforts and regretfully makes this decision.

These walks are not cancelled, the dates have been changed to allow us the 4thDay about 12 additional weeks to see that we have a sufficient number of participants for the kind of event the ETEC can be proud to host. Sponsors are being notified of the new dates.

So, this means that we as an Emmaus Community need to pray for these walks and those prospects who can be blessed and drawn closer to Christ through the Emmaus experience.


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