Women’s Walk 107 Coming This Weekend

Reports from the recently completed Men’s Walk at Frontier Camp speak highly of the of the facilities and the support of the staff. Barry Brown says, “The Men’s Walk #106 was amazing of course. I expect all 23 of the Pilgrims (now 4th Day) are still grinnin’. It was a great group of Pilgrims and a great group of guys to work with. Scott Molandes did a superb job putting together a strong crew. It was an honor to be a part of it. It’s your turn ladies. Go get ’em.”

This will be the last ETEC walk this year. So as a Community let’s all support these women with our presence and our prayers. As of this writing there are 7 spots remaining to be filled on the 72 hr Prayer Vigil (Prayer Clock). Frontier Camp is just 11 miles west of the Crockett loop.

Here is the link to the roster of Pilgrims & Team for your prayers.

Remember these dates: Saturday, February 22 – Candlelight at 8:00p; Sunday, February  23 – Closing Ceremony at 4:00p; Saturday, February 29 – Gathering at FUMC Lufkin 4:00p Sponsor Training, 5:00 meal (provided) followed by singing, 4th Day talk and Holy Communion.

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