Women’s walk #111 team

4th Day,

Here is a list of the women’s walk #111 team.


Karen Jones     Roger Clayton

Pam Andrews

Karen Swenson     Sharon Oglesbee     Debbie Anderson     Carol Riggs

Robin Palmer     Sally Carr     Suanne Wilson

Johanna Brady     Janice Cummings     Sharron Mills     Mary Carol Grimes

Debbie Nicholson     Christi Yarbrough     Steffie Garcia

Stacy Johnson     Kathy Moody     Jan Griffin

Candy Wadsworth     Therese Spradlin     Belinda Katon

Dorene Philpot     Lauria Greenwood     Joyce Trojan     Amanda Tillis

Debbie Milum-Cox     Gaylyn Zamazal     Jill Vaughan     Crystal Parnell

Nicole Anderson     Marsha Dawson    Connie Page

Terri Moehring     Laurie Mills     Leslie Warren

Cindy Doran     Paul Whitlatch     Michael Harris


Let’s pray that they will be the hands and feet of God for the pilgrims.

De Colores

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