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As you may have heard the Chrysalis flights have had to be postponed.  Mickey Fothergill and the members of the steering committee as well as both Chrysalis Teams realize that God is working through them to accomplish something big for the youth in our community.  They all did their part by making a commitment and moving forward but it is now our job to wait on God.  To follow are a few words from Mickey’s email:

I share these words with you because I believe they come straight from the throne room of God Almighty.  He’s talking to all of us. Prove Your Worth –There will be good days. And there will be bad days. There will be times when – you want to turn around, pack it up, and call it quits. Don’t give up at that time. Don’t Quit. Its an opportunity to prove your worth.”

He is constantly shaping and molding us to be the best we can be in Him.  So with great love and appreciation for each and every one of you I say Fly with Christ!   He is still counting on You.

Mickey Fothergill

Then these words from the Spiritual Director of the grounded Girls Flight:

“Hey Team,

Praise God that his time for this flight is coming. 

We were excited about what God was going to do, and we should hold close to that excitement. We should pray that we might be used by him to impact someone’s life everyday. I would urge you to begin praying now for when this flight comes to pass. Just imagine if we continue to pray for each caterpillar, until they attend how much better there experience will be. 

I pray that God keeps us close and available to work with one another in the future. Do not be disappointed that this flight did not make, we are on God’s time and not our own. Peace be with you all, and if you ever need me do not hesitate to contact me. 


In our Father’s Service, 

Continue praying for the caterpillars of flights 20 & 21 and the pilgrims of Walks 97 & 98.  The dates of these events are not our concern.  Our job is to be in constant prayer.  Over the next several months, we are planning several events to foster interest in Chrysalis.  These get togethers are called Hoots (youth version of Gatherings).  They are open to all so let’s show our unending support by spreading the word.  To follow is the latest information I have:

We have Hootage! The East Texas Emmaus Community will host a hoot (Chrysalis Gathering) on Saturday, September 4th, from 5:00PM to 8:00PM. The Hoot will be held in the Fellowship Hall of Diboll FUMC, which is at 401 S. Hines in Diboll, (map will follow.) The Christian rock band Clairmont will be the headline entertainment, but there will also be fourth day talks from youth who have had Chrysalis impact their faith journey. Clairmont is a touring band out of Bryan/College Station that will get your blood flowing as they show the spirit.  More details to come- but it is time to spread the word. Anyone can attend! We would especially like to invite youth who have finished 9-12th grades. There is NO CHARGE for this event. I will send more details when I get them. If you have suggestions or want to help, contact Steve Killam at killam_steve@hotmail.com .

God is alive and working in East Texas. Do your part to show His love and grace.

What more could I add?

I still Walk 95 pins for the men who did not get theirs while working Walk #95.  Let me know if I need to mail you one, see me at the church, or call my cell.  281-797-0039.

Although the Fall walks have been cancelled and we move ahead with Community Gatherings the next will be Saturday August 28th, at Perritte Methodist Church in Nac.  Times:  4pm Sponsorship Training    5pm Potluck Dinner followed by Praise Music, 4th Day speaker, and Communion. Mark your calendar!!

I hear of several new reunion groups which formed after these walks but have not gotten details.    Please email your information so we can make it available to the Community and include it in the next 4th day packages.

Bill Wilson — Walk #81 — Community Lay Director —

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